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Painting and Poetry

Posted on May 6, 2018 | 2 Comments

For 25 years I have been burning poetry. Writing words and then setting fire to them. A form of literary self-harm. A few weeks ago, several things came together over the course of a weekend, which put an end to the burning. I spent an evening at The Theatre by the Lake, in Keswick, listening […]

The Big Sleep 2015

Posted on Feb 9, 2015 | No Comments

“Spend a night under the stars, raise money for Cumbria Community Foundation’s Winter Warmth Appeal and help keep older people warm this winter” that was my call to action. There was a lot of dithering when it came to The Big Sleep 2015. How could I persuade other people to do it, when … I really […]

The Big Sleep

Posted on Jan 30, 2015 | No Comments

Blimey. It is cold. But that’s the winter for you. In Cumbria, every winter, there are around 300 preventable deaths. That is 300 people who die because of health complications brought on by the cold weather. Cumbria Community Foundation goes to extreme lengths to keep older people warm every winter. It has its Winter Warmth […]


Andy Beeforth OBE, Cumbria Community Foundation

“Tara brings energy, a creative mind and great experience and contacts to her role supporting the work of the Community Foundation. Our campaigns and press events have had consistently good coverage since working with her.”

- Andy Beeforth OBE, Cumbria Community Foundation
Gav McDonald, Rather Be Cycling

“Since starting to work with Tara we’ve seen a huge increase in the number of column inches of copy that’s been generated for Rather Be Cycling. Tara’s professionalism, contacts and a fresh and outside view are at the heart of that.”

- Gav McDonald, Rather Be Cycling
Michael Webster, Treasurer, Threlkeld Cricket Club

“Tara is not short of original ideas, fantastic contacts and intelligent ways of achieving the desired result. Without her input our project would have been a moderate success, with her input it was an outstanding success and for that the club is eternally grateful.”

- Michael Webster, Treasurer, Threlkeld Cricket Club